Font licenses

Font Licensing

We offer four main licenses for our fonts, and they are pretty standard of what is out there, so there aren’t going to be any big surprises. The licenses below cover most cases, unless you want something really special or need an extension described under the Desktop License.

In any case, if you have questions please reach out to us. We're happy to help find the right fit.

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→ Desktop License

The Desktop license covers your primary design needs. It’s the "standard license" and provides coverage for basic print, digital, and social media design, as well as usage in logos and motion graphics. With this license, you receive OTF font files. When purchasing, select the number of users who will install the font files on their computers.

If you are looking to use the fonts in advertising campaigns, packaging, broadcast and the likes, you might want to consider a Large Volume extension in addition to the Desktop license. Check the EULA for details and get in touch for a custom quote.

Download the Desktop EULA PDF


→ Web Font License

The Web Font License facilitates live type rendering on your website. Included are WOFF and WOFF2 files, enabling you to call the fonts via @font-face and font-family: syntax. This license, separate from the Desktop License, covers one domain and doesn't include basic usage. Choose coverage based on your website's monthly page views.

Download the Web Fonts EULA PDF


→ Mobile App License

The Mobile App License allows the use of a font in an application that runs on a handheld, mobile device running the iOS and Android operating systems. One license purchased covers one app title for both platforms. If you make an app for other platforms like Windows and Mac OS or gaming devices like PlayStation and Nintendo, please get in touch for a license upgrade.

Download the Mobile App EULA PDF


→ ePub License

The ePub License allows the embedding of a font within an electronic publication like an ebook or magazine. When purchasing, select the number of publications the font will appear in.

Download the ePub EULA PDF


→ Test Fonts License

The Test Fonts License allows the download and use of the fonts for testing purposes and for presentation material. No public or commercial work, of course. Students are encouraged to use the test fonts for their non-commercial academic work. We offer special pricing for non-profit organizations, please reach out for more info.

Download the Test Fonts EULA PDF