Hello! This is an independent micro foundry offering quality fonts that are both utilitarian and artistic.

We believe fonts are a tool for striking design. That's why ours include practical OpenType features to elevate usability, making every typeface a valuable accomplice for the designer's work. Look for catchwords, discretionary ligatures, icons and other extras in our fonts. For the most part our fonts cover Underwear's Latin Plus character set and with that over 200 latin languages. If you ever are in need of additional coverage please reach out.

Our fonts are licensed by some of the most iconic brands in the world and independent design studios alike. That makes us proud! Check out the Fonts in Use section to see some examples. If you'd like to try our fonts before you buy, you can use the type testers in the product pages or—even better—download the free test fonts.

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Juri Zaech is a recognized Art Director and type designer. Originally from Switzerland and having worked across Europe, he found his creative home in California.

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